Managed Outsourced Services – Information Consulting

Managed Outsourced Services

In addition to our regular offerings, we provide a variety of services that you can outsource to us. These encompass website content, blogs, white papers, market research, market surveys. We also produce brochures, Infographics, and SlideShare presentations. You can focus on running your business and leave the rest to us.

Virtual assistants: Remote social, technical or administrative assistance any time

Live chat and telemarketing: Operators experienced in conducting live chat operations or conducting telephone campaigns

Sales and business development: Good communicators with skills in closing sale

Marketing and communications: Experts in social media marketing, strategic planning, and corporate communications

Customer service and support: Extremely good speakers in English language

Blogs, white papers, case studies and research reports: Extremely good English writers and analysts

Subject matter experts: Experts with in-depth knowledge in a variety of subjects

Brochures and marketing materials: We have the expertise to produce well-written and well-crafted brochures and marketing materials

Social media marketing: Knowledgeable and skillful in any kind of social media marketing

Developing SlideShare presentations and Infographics: Expertise in developing high-quality SlideShare presentations and Infographics

Accountants and bookkeepers: Tax preparation, accounting and bookkeeping services