Call Center & Remote Support – Information Consulting

Call Center & Remote Support

Our advanced electronic call center takes care of all your inbound and outbound calling  needs. The state-of-the-art automated center combines live and virtual agents for 24/7 availability.

Our agents are fully trained to offer personalized service to ensure complete customer satisfaction. With extremely competitive pricing, we will give you an unmatched service that you will love.

Remote IT Support

Information Consulting helps you with every type of IT service and support, ranging from remote viral protection to server and desktop support.

Extensive Range of Services

We round out your capabilities and allow you to focus on the most critical components of your business with the experience and resources of a professional IT team. Instead of paying for an on-site visit from a technology support provider, wouldn’t it be more convenient to have Remote IT Support? All you have to do is pick up the phone and let us fix the issue immediately!

In particular, small and medium-sized businesses find remote IT to be exceptionally useful. In fact, remote IT service and support is absolutely vital for keeping your company’s IT systems in tip-top shape. We can plug-in to your network and machines from afar, making it easy to fix your computer problems with ease and speed

Cost-Effective and Affordable

Remote IT is vastly more cost-effective in just about any circumstance, especially factoring in the travel costs that might be associated with an on-site visit. In case of Information Consulting, our remote IT team will customize our services to exactly what you need at a price that you will like. We will fix all of your computer or network issues without having an on-site visit, saving you money in potentially costly IT repairs.

Rapid Response

The majority of computer issues do not require on-site visit. Our monitoring and maintenance tools make it easy to remotely diagnose and resolve issues remotely. Often, time is of essence, and nothing beats remote IT for urgent support. In fact, many IT issues can quickly become serious if they are not addressed immediately.