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Big Data & Business Analytics


Extracting knowledge from information is the art and science of Data Analytics. At Information Consulting, our team has the right mix of passion, techniques and expertise to find invaluable hidden trends in your data. Big Data Analytics allows your organizations to be more agile, and it gives you the competitive edge.

Big Data Analytics Provides Insights for Immediate Application

If companies capture the data that streams into their businesses, they can apply Data Analytics to derive significant value. Big Data Analytics helps you identify business opportunities and uncover growth prospects. In the past, Data Analytics was used for future decision-making, but now we can provide businesses with insights that can be applied immediately.

Feasibility Report

If you are new to Data Analytics and not sure how it can serve your business interests, then we can help by examining your business process flow. Based on the data and your business requirements, we prepare a feasibility report outlining the parameters to optimize for maximizing your company profits and reducing its business costs.

Data Management

We provide consultancy on best practices to manage your data for you to fully benefit from it. We provide a detailed review of your data, highlight potential issues, recommend solutions for better data management. We also provide a statistical review and analysis of strong characteristics of your data.

Data Mining

The data generated on day-to-day basis has enormous potential to reveal the trends impacting it. Through data mining techniques, we provide optimized solutions for your business. Our specialized tools dive deep into the data for a 360-degree analysis and pattern recognition. Data mining is a rigorous process which provides intelligent solutions to business needs.

Text Mining

The outburst of social media texting has opened avenues for businesses to better understand the client. Through the text analytics of posts, comments and feedbacks, we provide analysis of client’s preferences on a timely basis. A meticulous process is used to make the best use of available information.

Data Optimization

Being swamped with tons of data and dozens of columns can be intimidating. For you to better understand the key features of your business data, we provide you with analysis that identifies and elaborates on these features. This makes it easier for you to manage and analyze your data.

Predictive Analytics

We employ leading edge techniques in order to predict upcoming trends, based on historical data. Predictive analysis reduces decision-making time and inventory overload throughout the supply chain, allowing business to move forward more efficiently. Predictive analytics also provides timely suggestions on future trends as well as changes in evolving customer choices.

Analytical Reports

We produce daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly reports for you, showing data trends and salient patterns. The analytical reports provide detailed insights and analysis, and they are helpful in swift and timely business planning. The reports, which use charts and statistical analysis, are customized to your needs. Based on careful quantitative analytics by experts, the reports provide companies with recommendations tailored to their needs.


Don’t let technical jargons stop you from getting acquainted with your data. For marketing and business professionals to better understand the data, we document its technical details in easy-to-understand English. The customized documentation elaborates on important decision-making aspects of your business, and it clearly highlights the relevant issues and opportunities as extracted through intensive analytics.