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Big Data & Business Analytics

Extracting knowledge from information is the art and science of Data Analytics.

At Information Consulting, our team has the right mix of passion, techniques and expertise to find invaluable hidden trends in your data. Big Data Analytics allows your organizations to be more agile, and it gives you the competitive edge.

If companies capture the data that streams into their businesses, they can apply Data Analytics to derive significant value. Big Data Analytics helps you identify business opportunities and uncover growth prospects. In the past, Data Analytics was used for future decision-making, but now we can provide businesses with insights for their immediate use. The services we offer include the following:

Feasibility Report

If you are completely new to Data Analytics and not sure how it can serve your business interests, then Information Consulting can examine your business process flow. Based on the data and your business requirements, we will prepare a feasibility report outlining the best parameters to optimize in order to maximize profits and help reduce business costs. The feasibility report will feature the recommended analytics algorithms for optimized results on your data.

Data Optimization

Being swamped with tones of data and dozens of columns can be intimidating. If you want to understand the important features of your business data, we can provide you with analysis that defines the important features of your data. This will make it easy for you to manage and analyze your data.

Analytical Reports

We will produce daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly reports for you, showing data trends and salient patterns. These reports are customized based on your needs, and they can be helpful in swift and timely business planning.


Don’t let technical jargons stop you from getting acquainted with your data. If you want to get better understanding of your data, we can document the technical details in easy to understand English for managers and marketers to benefit from.

Our Core Expertise

Our areas of core expertise encompass the following:

Data Management

We provide consultancy on best practices to manage your data in order for you to fully benefit from it.

Data Mining

The data generated on day-to-day bases has a great potential to reveal the trends and modes. Through data mining techniques, we can provide optimized solutions for your business.

Predictive Analytics

We employ leading edge techniques in order to predict upcoming trends probabilistically, based on historical data. The idea is to be prepared for challenges and to leverage opportunities better and faster.

Text Mining

The outburst of social media texting has opened avenues for businesses to better understand the client. Through the text analytics of posts, comments and feedbacks, we can provide analysis of client’s preferences on time.

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