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About Us

Information Consulting provides superior, affordable services to enterprises, particularly SMEs. The company’s primary focus is its home base, the U.S. market.

Information Consulting has top-notch experts in:

  • Big Data (data management, data mining, predictive analytics and text mining)
  • Digital Marketing (social media marketing, web design and SEO)
  • Software Development, Web Design and Mobile Apps

In addition, we offer animation and motion-graphics and manage a state-of-the-art call center. We provide a variety of outsourcing services.

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Postal address:

2224 Great Falls Street

Falls Church, Virginia 22046

United States of America

Our Solutions

Big data analytics

Digital marketing services

Software and web development

Managed IT Services

Big Data Analytics

Using Big Data analytics, we help you gain insights by uncovering hidden patterns and correlations that help you drive your business to quick success. We analyze your data and provide you responses almost immediately. And our pricing is extremely competitive.

Digital Marketing Services

We specialize in all aspects of marketing involving the use of technological solutions. We have top-notch experts for designing quality websites, developing software applications, running social media marketing campaigns, providing email marketing services, and managing call center operations. We have the spectrum of knowledge and experience required to help you make smart business decisions. We help you make wise technology investments and then optimize their effectiveness with comprehensive management and support.

Software & Web Development

Custom software has become a leading source of competitive advantage for companies of all sizes. Custom applications built for businesses and customers to solve unique challenges have driven innovation and contribute to your competitive edge. We are experts in building, managing and supporting custom software solutions for the web, mobile devices and desktops.

Managed IT Services

For a fraction of what it costs you to build your own IT team, you can have a turnkey IT department at your disposal, providing everything from solid strategic advice to systems optimization to end-user support – all based on industry best practices and using the most powerful management tools.

For more information, please email: info@information-consulting.com, or Call : +1 703-740-9172.