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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the primary provider of a rich portfolio of services for enterprises allowing them to overcome all barriers to success and attain the heights of glory.

Our Value Proposition

Based on our experience and research, there is no service provider that addresses most of the diverse, yet interrelated, needs of customers. Instead, each service provider focuses on a limited subset of customer needs. However, rather than use a multitude of service providers, most customers are more interested in working with a limited number of reliable service providers offering cost-effective solutions. We offer a growing range of related services, something that our customers love.

In addition, since companies have high running costs, they need to pass them on to the customers to remain profitable. We solve this problem by keeping our costs (and profits) low, and passing the savings on to our customers.

Rather than try to make a lot of money on an individual transaction, our goal is to remain profitable through volume business. To keep our customers fully satisfied, our total focus is on quality control. We combine creativity with technical skills to give our customers the best quality at the best price.

Our Expertise

Custom Websites and Mobile Apps

Our expertise spans a spectrum of web-development languages, both client-side and server-side. Besides, our team has mastery in building WordPress websites. Many of our developers have particular flair for developing high-quality mobile apps.

Big Data and Business Analytics

Our experts specialize in data optimization, data management, data mining, text mining, and predictive analytics. In addition, we produce feasibility reports, analytical reports, and detailed documentation.

Digital Marketing and SEO

Our team has expertise in virtually every aspect of marketing. In particular, we have proficiency in all major social media channels. We also have specialists in advanced search-engine optimization techniques.

Motion Graphics and Multimedia

We have a growing motion-graphics and multimedia operation staffed with creative designers and animation experts. No task to too big for our experts.

Call Center and Remote Support

We have well-trained call center operators who provide customer service, make sales calls, and give remote IT support. We take pride in the quality of our work.

Managed Outsourced Services

We have experts in content writing, graphic designing, accounting, and a host of other disciplines.

Our Mission Statement

We foster a culture where our teams work together, across boundaries, with single-minded devotion to our customers. We provide the best value to our customers and endeavor to direct our efforts in every way to their success. We deliver services that are best in class and extremely affordable. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in our business dealings, and are committed to delivering what we promise.

Syed A. Abbas, Managing Director

Syed Aqeel Abbas is a seasoned professional in marketing, business development and sales management.

Founded: April 2010

 +1 703 740-9172


 Washington, DC